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June 20, 2016-  Feminist Perspectives on Orange is the New Black: 13 Critical Essays (McFarland Publishers)


Book chapter, "Baltimore's Radical Feminists"

Book chapter entitled, “Community Empowerment and Urban Communes in the 1970s: Baltimore’s Radical Feminists- Lessons From Then, Lessons For Now”. With Jodi Kelber-Kaye and Elizabeth Nix for the book, Baltimore Revisited: Social History for the 21st Century. Forthcoming.


Essay: “Dancing Zorbas, Happy Hookers, and the Aganaktismenoi: Gendered Myths and Realities of the Greek Economic Crisis in the Media”. In Occupy the Screen: The Great Recession in Media. Spring, 2018, McFarland.


Book chapter entitled, “Girls, Grrrls, GIRLS: Lena Dunham, GIRLS, and the Contradictions of Fourth Wave Feminism”, in Feminist Theory and Pop Culture. Edited by Adrienne Trier-Bieniek. Sense Publishers, Teaching Gender Series, ed. Patricia Leavy, May, 2015.


Odyssey cover

The Other Greece: A Spiritual Return to the the Xorio in Florina, for Odyssey magazine, 2010.  A piece about my trip to Flambouro, Greece, the birthplace of my grandmother.


Film reviews:

Representations of the Feminine in the Greek Crossover Films of Michael Cacoyannis and Jules Dassin

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

My Life in Ruins


Radio/Public Speaking:

Discussing Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 film, Rope on HCC radio’s “The Armchair Directors” series

Discussing the life and work of Alice Guy Blache on The Armchair Directors

Speech given at the UMBC Allies dinner, 10/18/10